11:43 GMT25 June 2021
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    Less than two weeks earlier, conspiracy lovers eagerly chewed over alleged UFO sightings in the Irish skies; however, even non-believers were about to switch sides having learnt a probe was launched over the cases.

    A video has emerged on the YouTube channel UFO Today showing ‘a black triangle UFO feeding’ on the energy of 200,000 ampere lightning strikes ‘to load their intergalactic batteries’, the caption below the footage stated, adding that the incident recorded on 22 November was not the first time that an alleged UFO was caught on camera, bringing up one case in 2017 in the US.

    Conspiracy theorists further depicted the vehicle, which goes by the abbreviation TR3B – ‘a terrestrial aircraft that was built on re-engineered technology from an extra-terrestrial civilization when their aircraft crash landed into earth’.

    ‘Scientists were able to re-engineer the technology in order to create anti-gravity propulsion systems’, the website writers pointed out, asking readers to give their take on the matter.

    Some chose to make a couple of amendments to the conspiracy theory:

    ‘Just because this is a triangle does not mean this is TR3B… these are THEIRS not ours… ARCTURIAN to be exact’, one stated, with another one suggesting that it could be man-made, for instance, a surveillance plane.

    The news came shortly after reports over ‘apparent’ UFO sightings in Northern Ireland this month, as dash-cam footage uploaded by conspiracy channel Disclose TV appeared to showcase two weird, brightly-lit objects flying across the sky.

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    In a parallel development, at least three pilots asserted in mid-November that they saw the same glittering object disappearing into thin air in a matter of seconds, even as authorities claim that no military training was underway at the time in the area. The first of the sightings reportedly occurred while one of the pilots was on board a Boeing 787, while en route from Heathrow to Montreal.

    Two more pilots chimed in, sharing the same impressions, with one expressing relief that it wasn’t ‘just him’, which prompted the Irish Aviation Authority to go as far as kick off a probe into the UFO sightings.


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