04:32 GMT21 January 2021
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    Altercations between McDonald’s employees and customers have become a common phenomenon over the past few months, with videos of the fights going viral in an instant.

    In a recently uploaded clip, a worker at a McDonald’s restaurant in Newbury Park, east London, is filmed fighting with one of the customers behind the counter.

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    The disturbing video shows the employer hitting the customer across the face and pushing him away from the counter before eventually knocking him to floor, as the customer’s friend keeps screaming in shock.

    As the man fell on the floor, a woman in a striped jacket pushed away the worker, yelling ‘What are you doing?’, while someone can be heard shouting ‘Get him to hospital! Call the police, please, call the police!’

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    The reason for the fight remains unclear, neither McDonald’s, nor the customer has commented on the incident yet.


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