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    A plane in the sky.

    Pilot Makes Online Sensation Converting to Islam 5,5KM Over Saudi Arabia (VIDEO)

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    The man was filmed during a non-standard mid-air situation. He pronounced a special Islamic oath as he took a break from steering a plane to embrace Allah. The conversion reportedly occurred when they were flying over Saudi Arabia, which is a home to Islam’s holiest site.

    The video with an aviator convert has gained thousands of retweets and likes on social media. His co-pilot, filming from the next chair, guided his friend through the conversion ceremony as the latter pronounced an Islamic oath accepting the religion in the cockpit approximately 5486,4 metres in the sky.

    “We are here with pilot Amalo from Brazil. He will say the text of the Shahada during our flight to Taluka,” the operator said in Arabic.

    The man repeated the prayer after his colleague, who congratulated the new Muslim upon completion of the impromptu ceremony.

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    Incidentally, the conversion happened in the sky over Saudi Arabia, the El Balad news reports, where the holiest city in Islam Mecca is situated. Millions of Muslims make a trip there each year. According to Islamic scripture, every healthy Muslim with the financial means to do so should make a pilgrimage there at least once in their lifetime to pray at Islam's holiest site, the Kaaba.


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