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    After she claimed third place at the Grand Prix in Japan, nascent Russian skating star Elizaveta Tuktamysheva took to Twitter to state she would meet Trump in person to let him know that she can “kick his ass" on the social network.

    Social network users have lashed out at Russian figure skater Elizaveta Tuktamysheva for her tweets about US President Donald Trump. Some, meanwhile, have openly questioned how much she knows about what it means to be a public person.

    The figure skater initially wrote that among celebrities, she would pick Donald Trump to meet with, eager “to kick his ass.” Russian media instantly picked up on her comments, prompting her to delete the tweet. She accused them instead of “making stupid topics” out of her “jokes about Trump” while ignoring her figure skating successes.

    “Not even a word about my third place but bringing politics topic immediately. Tell them that Cold War have [sic] ended,” she wrote in English, sparking a large-scale debate in comments.

    Many stressed that she can exercise her right to free speech whatever the circumstances, with some suggesting she still needs to be accurate and careful, since any of her words may be “targeted against” her.

    “Dear Elizaveta! You still have to remember that having become a celebrity yourself you have to be careful when expressing yourself. Any word you drop may be use against you. Wish you success in the sport!”

    Many couldn’t help responding to Tuktamysheva ‘s comments on the “ended Cold War,” stating it couldn’t be further from reality:

    “Oh, this is changing of skates. Everybody has written about your 3d place. It would be interesting to read American media: they would eagerly slam Trump on behalf of you.”

    “Only a dumb and clueless person would condemn Trump. Trump is the best the US has had since Roosevelt’s term. The world needs right-wing politicians and conservatives; otherwise the humanity will go mad and devour itself. Leftists are a pus abscess on the mankind’s body,” another wrote emotionally. 

    “Stop writing bullshit. What are you? And what is Trump?” a different user butted in, expressing indignation over Tuktamysheva ‘s attacks against media.

    “Babe, the life of a public person is all politics,” another remarked in a more light-hearted tone.

    There were those, meanwhile, who took the precedent as a chance to point to what they see as the figure skater’s weak side, suggesting that to gain points, she resorts to strip-teases on the ice instead of demonstrating masterful skating:

    Some, however, instantly fended off the bitter criticism, urging the skater to proceed with her jokes and all the rest:

    On November 11, 21-year-old Tuktamysheva took to Twitter to share she would like to meet the US president in person, adding, tongue-in-cheek, that she  will tell him she can “kick his ass” on the social network. She also brought up Trump when asked to name her “dream partner.”

    “This is Trump. Just to make him look even sillier. However, is it at all possible?” she said.

    On November 10, the Russian entered the Grand Prix finals in figure skating for the first time since 2014. She came in third in the NHK Trophy competition in Japan and won the Grand Prix award in Canada.


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