15:27 GMT28 October 2020
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    Netizens have a unique ability to instantly react to anything newsworthy - and there has been no doubt that the pivotal US midterm elections would be par for the course. The Dems have won back control of the House of Representatives - a major triumph, compared with their 2016 expectations - but the Republicans have retained the Senate.

    A new meme has flooded social media, showing a stark difference between voters in 2016 in 2018. The "me then vs me now" pics imply a dramatic shift from the youthful optimism of Democratic supporters ahead of the presidential election two years ago towards their hopelessness — and sometimes warlike determination.

    Online users have delivered scores of Game of Thrones references in the first place.

    Then come animal pics — and the time to show your inner wolf.

    Some voters' mindsets have not changed over these two years, apparently.

    Movie and TV-series characters help netizens communicate their anxiety, in a way.

    Does a half-failed attempt to restore a Blue majority in Congress have something to do with a failed restoration of a Jesus fresco? We honestly have no clue.

    In the days leading up to the election, many American celebrities were calling on the voters to go out and put their ballot in the ballot box. Dwayne Johnson might have also contributed to the increased turnout with his Photoshop skills.


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