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    Screaming election judge threatens to call cops on Texas voter

    WATCH: US Election Judge Berates ‘Confused Voter’, Threatens to Call Cops

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    A Texas election supervisor and judge resigned this week after she was caught on camera threatening to call the police on a woman who was allegedly confused about where to vote.

    The altercation occurred Friday afternoon at the Williamson County Annex in Round Rock, Texas, between Williamson County election supervisor and judge Lila Guzman and an unidentified voter.

    ​During the video, which was taken by an anonymous eyewitness, Guzman can be heard loudly yelling, "Get out. Get out. Get out. You are rude. You are not following the law. Go. Go."

    "As soon as she started getting louder, I was like, 'This is getting out of hand.' So I began to record," the bystander who recorded the video told ABC-affiliated KVUE Monday. "She did tell her she couldn't vote there, but she didn't say where in Travis [County she could vote]. The lady [who wanted to vote] did have an accent. She could've been new to the country. I don't know, but she needed some help."

    During the video, Guzman can be heard telling the voter that she is going to call the police to usher her out of the building. 

    "On Saturday, we became aware of the Friday incident of the poll worker berating a confused voter at one of our early voting sites. We absolutely do not condone this kind of behavior; in fact, we train all of our poll workers to remain calm in their hours-long duties and rely on the support of their colleagues when dealing with situations that have the potential to elevate," Williamson County Elections Administrator Chris Davis told Sputnik Tuesday.

    "The poll worker in question was verbally reprimanded on her behavior later Saturday afternoon, and by shortly after midnight Saturday, we had accepted her resignation from service for the rest of the election. We will work harder to ensure that this type of behavior doesn't happen again, ever," Davis added.

    Davis also recently told KVUE that he believes the voter was registered to vote in Williamson County but was a resident of Travis County. She arrived at the polling site in Williamson after reportedly being sent there by Travis County poll workers. However, she should have been sent to the County Elections Division to vote on a limited ballot.

    KVUE also spoke with Guzman Monday afternoon, who revealed that working 12-hour days for nearly two weeks "took a toll on her." Sputnik's attempts to contact Guzman were unsuccessful.

    Since the incident, Guzman has resigned. However, Guzman told KVUE that she did not resign because of the video, but rather because Davis' office did not quickly provide backup when she contacted the office to have police escort the voter out of the building.


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