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    'Secretive Craft:' Netizens Ponder US Military Object Google Hid for 8 Years

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    The versions suggested by the Internet community ranged from the exotic like a “blurry craft piloted by blurry bigfoots” to run-of-the-mill conspiracy theories over the eternally vigilant “Big Brother” and “Area 52,” which still has an aura of suspense around it.

    Following a wave of condemnation targeting Google, a covert government project has been revealed inside a military base hidden in the sprawling deserts of southwestern Nevada, with satellite images apparently revealing military objects dozens of miles northwest of the so-called Area 51 base.

    Earlier this week, Google faced multiple accusations of not updating images of the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada for eight years.

    The footage showing an enigmatically glowing object in front of an aircraft hangar, invited a bunch of conspiracy theories evolving round the bombshell spot, which was rapidly attributed to the famed “Area 52.”

    The object, in the meantime, appears to be heavily blurred, in contrast to the nearby military vehicles mapped in their realistic colors, thereby fueling a large-scale debate online.  "This is some sort of very secretive flying aircraft," Tyler Glockner from secureteam10 weighed in, having uploaded the video to his YouTube channel, thereby racking up hundreds of thousands of likes.

    Many suggested the “secretive” object provided sufficient motivation for a road trip to Nevada. One fundamentalist even referred to governmental interests, saying the cutting edge technology, made obvious in the video, would serve the interests of “our country.”

    Humorous remarks naturally arrived in abundance, with users suggesting the “naturally blurry craft” may be “piloted by blurry bigfoots,” or referring to the blurry object as “a huge human genital organ.”

    “New Drinking Game: Every time Tyler refers to a past video he made, take a drink! You will be wasted halfway through the video. Possibly overdosed by the end,” another one stated with a different person remarking that the author has been “dumbed down lately.” “Have you been censored and not telling us about it?” he asked emotionally.

    Another chose to chime in by citing Socrates:

    “I know I am a smart man because I know nothing at all.”

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