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    This is Bridget Danielle, a fragile young mother who regularly stands in the line of fire and challenges her body and soul, pressing on with workouts, climbing fire ladders fully-clad in bunker gear, and jumping from heights.

    Canadian-born Bridget Danielle, a 24 year-old brunette, who is indeed a talking point on Instagram due to her eye-catching bikini-donning photo updates, is actually far more than that: she boasts a literally life-saving mission of being a woman firefighter. The story of her life journey is incredibly moving.

    She told Sputnik the most challenging time for her was when she, a single 18-year-old mother, could hardly “make both ends meet” before a local volunteer fire department she joined sent her on a 3-month training course at a fire academy in Texas, US.

    “Shortly after graduation I got offered a job at a small fire department in Texas, so I returned home, packed up my car, and my daughter and I moved from Canada to Texas!” Bridget, who was 20 at the time, continued.

    She was sure back then that she desperately needed further advances and having worked 2 jobs for some time, and “volunteered during the nights,” she found out the fire department in Spokane, in the northwestern state of Washington, was hiring, and successfully applied for a job.

    “I was the FIRST female they had hired in over 18 years! I worked really hard throughout my probationary period,  determined to prove that even though I was a female in this male dominated profession,  I was worthy of being here,” she emphatically stated. 

    Bridget couldn’t help worrying about the probability of being treated differently from men “in this male-dominated” walk of life. However, luckily it never happened, said Bridget, who is now happily doing her rewarding dream job and raising her six-year-old daughter.

    “Every one of my coworkers treated me with the utmost respect, just like I was one of the guys!” the beauty shared.

    “I've never worked harder in my life, but the hard work paid off tenfold!” Bridget exclaimed adding that the fire service literally “saved her life,” teaching her humility, giving her a life purpose and “setting her up for success” to bring up a child.

    The young mother and workout enthusiast flaunts not only her fire brigade uniform in her Instagram snapshots, but often  wows her 2.5k-strong army of subscribers with hot bikini-clad updates, sporting her much visible hard-earned  muscles and abs, and even stretch marks, which one affectionately referred to as “a symbol of the life you gave.” Another added in agreement: “Hey [sic] look like the sun's rays shining from your beautiful heart.”

    Most users joined in a chorus of unconditional praise, lauding Bridget’s superb looks the way the fragile mum and firefighter “shows an example” to her daughter.


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