20:54 GMT27 November 2020
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    The umbrella blunder has been the second one this month, as POTUS was just recently mocked for egoistically holding the cover over his golden mane and exposing his better half Melania to a drizzling rain.

    President Donald Trump has been jeered at online after failing to close his big black umbrella Saturday as he boarded Air Force One.

    The US president held the canopy over himself to protect his tresses from rain while he climbed the steps to get into the plane, and then, much to onlookers’ surprise, neglectfully hurled the umbrella to the side, with cameras capturing it roll in the wind at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

    Most Twitter users took note of him not bothering to close the item and carry it on board or, at least, wait for somebody to come up and do it for him. A video shows another person from the Trump team leap up the stairs after the president and have to dodge the massive waterproof to enter the plane, before a Secret Service agent picked up the cover.

    “Trump doesn't know how to put an umbrella down, pass it on,” one user remarked, with another one weighing in with a tongue-in-cheek comment, likening the umbrella to a human being:

    “Trump sees two types of people in this world, the umbrella as he’s using it and the umbrella when he hurls it to the side.”

    Another one even discerned a hidden metaphor in POTUS’ gesture:

    Others laughed the video off, adding a respective hashtag, #GoofyPresident.

    “If it requires more than 2 seconds’ thought, drop it,” another summed up the laughable incident.

    One lady even suggested the inability to close an umbrella is perhaps enough grounds for impeachment:

    Meanwhile, another opted to list and bullet all the difficulties Trump appears to have, referring among other issues to Saturday's shooting.

    The appearance came after the US president spoke publicly about the mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday, criticizing the synagogue for insufficient security.

    It was the second awkward umbrella moment this month. Trump was earlier shamed on Twitter for leaving his wife, First Lady Melania, to get soaked in the rain, while he carried the cover over his own famed yellow mane during a joint promenade.  


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