15:59 GMT24 September 2020
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    Deadly Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting (15)

    Robert Bowers, the suspect in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, had an account on the social media platform Gab, where he posted anti-Semitic comments.

    In a relentless series of tweets, Gab, used by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter, suggested that tech giants had conspired against the platform and called on President Donald Trump to take action.

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    The network, which projects itself as a champion of free speech and individual liberty, has been banned from PayPal, which claimed that the social media network had violated its user agreement.

    It has also received notices from its new hosting provider, Joyent, and Stripe, a software platform for running an internet business that mirrored PayPal's decision.

    Besides Gab, the suspected perpetrater, Robert Bowers, had accounts on Twitter and Facebook, but it was Gab that was vilified by the media even though the platform made it clear it had provided Bowers' user data to the FBI after it was alerted to his profile.

    In a lenghty statement on Bowers, Gab stressed that it had “zero tolerance” for terrorism and violence, emphasizing that “live streamed murders on Facebook” and threats on Twitter, remained unaddressed.

    “Criminals and criminal behavior exist on every social media platform,” Gab underscored.

    Social media users leapt to Gab's defense, insisting that the platform shouldn't be punished for the actions of a single user:

    Many highlighted the fact that no action has been taken against other platforms, where Bowers also had accounts, and pointed to the double standard applied by the companies that ditched Gab:

    Some, however, didn't mince words while condemning Gab for what they claimed was harboring anti-semites and nationalists:

    Robert Bowers, who reportedly shouted "all these Jews need to die," opened fire in the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday, killing eleven people and injuring six others.

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    After his arrest, US Federal prosecutors charged him with 29 criminal counts including violence and firearms offenses, as well as violating US civil rights laws.

    Deadly Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting (15)
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