01:01 GMT16 January 2021
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    A pro-choice group from Georgetown University has turned GOP figures, as well as Justice Brett Kavanagh into safe sex ambassadors without their knowledge. Their portraits were put on a contraception dispensary along with a provocative slogan: “Use a condom. Don’t you wish their parents had?”

    An organization “H*yas for Choice,” which styles itself as a pro-choice, sex-positive, reproductive justice, anti-racist and queer-affirming group at Georgetown University, set up a contest on their web-site for the best design for a community condom dispensary envelope. From several options, they chose one featuring amateur caricatures of prominent GOP and conservative figures, each labeled with a derogatory caption.

    ​Those unwittingly tasked with promoting contraception among the students include Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh (captioned “Can’t get through a conversation about calendars & boofing without crying”), President Donald Trump (labeled “Horse in a hospital only [illegible]”), Vice President Mike Pence ("Wants to execute the gays but won’t admit it").

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    Several US Congressmen were also depicted in the impromptu promotion for prophylactics. Sen. Mitch McConnell appeared on the envelope for condoms with the caption “Nevertheless, his neck persisted in drooping”, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was labeled “Does not give a single f*ck about anyone not in the highest tax bracket”, and an unflattering likeness of Senator Ted Cruz was accompanied by the words “Has never actually DENIED being the Zodiac Killer.”

    The author of the winning design also provided the envelope with a call to students in need of free condoms reading “Use a condom. Don’t you wish their parents had?”

    According to their website, “H*yas for Choice” was founded in 1991 and is the only provider of condoms on Georgetown's campus. It is not recognized by Georgetown University, which is the oldest Catholic and Jesuit-affiliated institution of higher education in the United States. The university doesn’t provide benefits to student organizations with values that conflict with the teachings of the Vatican, and frowns upon birth control. 


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