06:47 GMT15 July 2020
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    Model Marisa Papen has already been detained for a naked photoshoot in Egypt and reproached for pulling a Lady Godiva in front of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall. For the latest stop of her R-Rated world tour, the woman has chosen another Muslim country.

    Belgian Marisa Papen is making headlines worldwide after a series of head-turning Turkish photoshoots in Istanbul and Cappadocia. The self-proclaimed free-spirited expressionist, who travels the world to pose nude and in doing so promote women’s rights and freedom of expression, has flashed her lower parts in the country’s signature landmark Hagia Sophia, the former Byzantine cathedral and Ottoman mosque which Turkey's founder converted into a museum.

    To take the controversial shot, Marisa bought a burqa to enter the highly secured building with her photographer Jesse Walker, The Sun reports. As soon as they were inside, Marisa had to wait for an opportunity to lift the black cover and strip naked.

    "We decided to wait for a guided group and while the guide was telling his story and everyone was paying attention, it was game-time," she told the outlet.

    ​However, the partners were not satisfied with the result and returned to the mosque latter to re-take the pictures.  The team, perceiving themselves as a modern day Bonnie and Clyde on a clandestine mission, didn't stop at this challenge. Papen also posed wearing only her shoes on a nearby rooftop with a scenic view of Hagia Sophia. The partners told the media that this photo op took considerable time, planning and effort.

    ​According to the would-be Bonnie and Clyde, they were also chased by the local police, who interrogated the staff in their Istanbul hotel after the two had left. The photographer and his naked muse also had to cancel a shot in one of the locations in picturesque Cappadocia. They claim an armed guard once followed them, walking a meter behind them for some time.

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    "As soon as we arrived at the location, the guy gestured that he was watching us, and then pointed to a group of armed men in the hills. It was like something from a movie. Jesse took a photo of one of the guys to see if they were carrying guns. They were. Serious ones!" the woman said.

    Despite all odds, the partners managed to leave Turkey safely, unlike their previous adventures in Egypt, where Papen was detained by the local law enforcement during one of her naked photoshoots at Luxor’s ancient temple. She also had to deal with threats and anger this summer after she posed naked in front of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall, which is considered sacred in Judaism. 


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