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    Piers Morgan gets pied by comedian Harry Hill over recent remarks made about actor Daniel Craig

    WATCH: Comedian Smashes Pie Into Piers Morgan's Face Over Daniel Craig Remarks

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    English comedian Harry Hill clapped back at "Good Morning Britain" TV presenter Piers Morgan on Wednesday by shoving a pie in his face in response to recent remarks the journalist made about actor Daniel Craig.

    The comedian spoke with Morgan and co-host Susanna Reid about his forthcoming family-friendly stand-up tour meant to teach kids how to be funny. Pies were brought out as an example of slapstick humor, a comedic style that is based on exaggerated physical acts.

    And then, just as Hill offered instructions on how to make a proper personalized cream pie, madness broke out during the show's live broadcast.

    ​"What's quite nice is to personalize the pie, if you're going to throw it at someone in particular," Hill told the unwary Morgan, focusing on filling his pie. "You might want to add a letter, because this pie is for all those men that wear papooses."

    ​"That's for the guys that wear papooses, alright! That's for Ross Kemp and for Daniel Craig," Hill added.

    Stunned, Morgan kept quiet for several moments before he opted to act out by flinging his own pie at Reid, who then smashed her pastry on top of Morgan's head. Morgan later walked off set after flinging a few more bits of pie at Hill and Reid.

    Earlier this week, Morgan took to Twitter to bash Craig, who has portrayed fictional character James Bond in several installments of the spy movie franchise, for carrying his infant daughter, Ella, in a body sling, apparently also called a "papoose."

    Sharing a photo of Craig holding his daughter in baby carrier, Morgan noted that the actor was an "#emasculatedBond."

    ​A host of netizens, including "Captain America" actor Chris Evans, were shocked and ticked off by Morgan's questionable suggestion, and many enjoyed the sight of the controversial presenter getting pied.

    ​Hill's mention of English actor Ross Kemp was in reference to an earlier segment of the Wednesday broadcast, in which the 54-year-old London native appeared on the show wearing a baby sling. Kemp previously told Morgan that wearing a carrier "makes you more of a man because it shows you care."


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