06:13 GMT08 August 2020
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    At least four different women have already been to Storstrøm Prison and visited Peter Madsen, the Danish tabloid daily BT reported. To top it off, a female prison worker recently resigned over initiating a relationship with the notorious "submarine killer," who is serving a life sentence.

    Danish politicians want to stop Peter Madsen's amorous exploits in prison following reports of women flocking to see the inventor who was convicted of brutally murdering a Swedish journalist, BT reported.

    The Danish People's Party (DF) and the Social Democrats have called on the government and Justice Minister Søren Pape Poulsen to put a limit to the brutal killer's avid sex life. Peter Madsen is also reportedly on the lookout for new pen pals on Facebook.

    "Our prisons should not become a wedding central for psychopaths," DF MP Peter Kofod Poulsen told BT. According to him, cold-blooded killers should not be granted opportunities to enjoy a sex life behind bars.

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    However, he doesn't believe that even the most ruthless criminals should be put in total isolation.

    "If they have previous relationships, such as a wife or mother who wants to visit them, it's hard to cut it off completely," Kofod Poulsen admitted.

    The Social Democrats' legal spokeswoman, Trine Bramsen, doesn't believe lifetime prisoners like Peter Madsen are entitled to an active sex life.

    "It's a mockery of Kim Wall's memory and her relatives that a person who has committed such an unforgivable crime can have women visiting in that way. It's also about the sense of justice," Bramsen told BT. According to her, the possibility of gaining new "friends" and acquaintances should be a reward for good conduct and a respectful view of the opposite sex.

    Both parties also argued that the proceeds from the sale of books authored by convicts serving life sentences should also be addressed.

    "It's not fair to earn money on the crimes you've committed. So, if you subsequently want to publish some book, we want all the returns to be transferred to a victim fund," Kofod Poulsen said.

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    Danish inventor and entrepreneur Peter Madsen was sentenced to life in prison for murdering Swedish journalist Kim Wall. The judgment was appealed but was confirmed in late September. The murder took place on a submarine Madsen had built himself in August 2017.

    Since 2009, 32 weddings have been held in Herstedvester Prison, which is currently home to Peter Madsen and a large number of the country's most dangerous killers and rapists. One of the dubiously eligible grooms was Peter Lundin, who has also had several female acquaintances since 2001, when he was sentenced to life in prison for killing and later dismembering a woman and her two sons.

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