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    Since telling the world that he suffered from bipolar disorder, the iconic rap artist has been making international headlines for his eccentric conduct, controversial statements on slavery and pro-Trump rants, claiming that he’s been bullied for his support for 45.

    Hours after visiting his “brother” Donald Trump in the Oval Office on Thursday and launching into a 10-minute soliloquy about his wholehearted support for the president, Kanye West was spotted at an Apple Store, where he jumped on top of a wooden table to deliver an impromptu “keynote” speech.

    A reporter for Religion News Service, Jack Jenkins, happened to be in attendance to catch the moment on camera and share it on Twitter.

    He said that West told the crowd that he had made a custom hat for Trump with an updated version of his “Make America Great Again” slogan. Jenkins said that Kanye cut out the “again” part because it “hurts black people.”

    A CNN reporter, Caroline Kelly, who was also one of those lucky customers who walked into the store only to see Kanye’s ramblings, tweeted a video of the rapper wondering whether America was “ever great for us.”

    Yeezy then proceeded to show everyone a picture of the president sporting the “MAG” custom-made design.

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    His Apple store trip concluded, with him leaving and telling the crowd that he was going to Africa, presumably to record an album, as he told TMZ in early October that he would travel to Africa in the next couple weeks to complete his 9th studio album, “Yandhi.”

    Though it remains unclear what West was doing at the Apple Store, netizens were quick to come forward with their versions, mainly making references to Yeezy’s meeting with Trump, where he pitched the president on an “iPlane One” prototype, which, Kanye claimed, would be designed by Apple to replace Air Force One.

    Many kept throwing jibes at Kanye, who accidentally revealed his iPhone password, which was set to a plain 000000, when he tried to show something on the phone to Trump:

    Users suggested that he was at the store to change the password after it was exposed:

    His choice of outfit has also become the subject of widespread trolling and prompted a barrage of questions: Kanye – for God knows what reason – was sporting a US postal service vest, and users suggested that he went postal. Literally:

    One of the customers in the crowd garnered special attention on social media, having apparently stolen the spotlight from Kanye due to his bizarre camera device:

    Many others, however, seemed to be really concerned about Kanye’s mental health – even though he had told Trump that he was “misdiagnosed” with bipolar disorder months after opening up on having suffered from the condition:

    Sporting a MAGA hat earlier in the day, Kanye met with Trump at the White House to discuss a wide array of issues, including crime levels, manufacturing in the United States, prison reform and other problems.

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    Delivering an enthusiastic monologue, West referred to himself as a “motherf**ker” when praising Trump:

    “Let’s stop worrying about the future. All we really have is today. Trump is on his hero’s journey right now, and he might not have expected to have a crazy mother**ker like Kanye West.”

    The president said he was “pretty impressed” by Kanye’s speech, and at one point the musician came up to Trump saying “I love this guy right here. Let me give this guy a hug.”


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