03:49 GMT17 June 2021
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    Following the” kneeling” dispute with the National Football League when he chastised players who refused to stand during the national anthem, the US President decided to make amends, bragging about securing extra revenue for the organization through the new trade deal with Canada, but was met with skepticism in the social media.

    The US President recently took the stage in Minnesota, not only to root for the GOP candidate, but also to boast about his accomplishments in the new US-Canada-Mexico trade deal, which, according to him, happened to be the largest agreement ever made. In doing so, he claimed to have helped the NFL, the US National Football League. Apparently, he pushed Canada to allow local ads to run instead of US commercials during the Super Bowl, which could add millions of dollars to the NFL's revenue.

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    However, he also took the opportunity to express his unhappiness about the NFL players kneeling for the US national anthem to protest police brutality, stating one more time that “people should stand proudly for our national anthem and national flag.” The US President also ranted about solving the League’s  “big, big problem” with the new deal, worth “big, big dollars.” As he stated, he'd told his counterparts that “it’s unfair” what they are doing to them during the Super Bowl.

    “I heard that the NFL had a big problem with Canada on their advertising, their commercials, a big-big problem… and it went on for years, and it was really hurting the NFL. I don’t care, I like some people, I don’t like some people; it’s an American company, it’s a great American company. So during the negotiations, you’ve got to fix the NFL problem. They said 'What?' 'You’ve got to fix the NFL problem.' It took me two minutes, and now the NFL is so happy. It all worked out,” Trump told the cheering crowd, revealing the details of the negotiations.

    ​According to Trump, he got a call from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who thanked him for what he had done by solving the problem, which had lasted years, adding that “the Obama administration couldn’t do it.”

    Twitter responded with all its irony and many memes.

    ​Some were doubtful if the new deal was of any use…

    ​And accused Trump of telling lies.

    ​Others defended Trump, saying the commercial issue was a true story.


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