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    Get Brexfit: London Gym Offers Boris Johnson Punchbags & Theresa May Sack Race

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    In case gym goers feel like taking a break, they can sit it out in the "Cameron Quitters' Corner" named after the former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who quit his post following the Brexit vote.

    In case gym goers feel like taking a break, they can sit it out in the "Cameron Quitters' Corner" named after the former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who quit his post following the Brexit vote.

    A fitness company Gymbox has introduced Brexit themed classes and exercises in the British capital, and the Londoners seem to love it.

    In the class, gym goers can vent their Brexit-related frustrations by punching a boxing bag, featuring the face of the former Foreign Minister and outspoken Brexiteer Boris Johnson.

    Responding to the announcement on the company's Instagram account, users called the initiative "genius," "amazing" and "great marketing."

    Among exercises offered to gym members are "Row-moaners" "Corbyn Jiu Jitsu Throw" and "Jacob Rees-Logg lifts."


    For those sick of Brexit and angry at incompetent politicians, the gym management vouched to help release the frustration.

    "It doesn't matter if you are in or out when it comes to Brexit. There's no doubt that us Brits have simply had enough. Every exercise in the class has been designed by expert trainers with maximum frustration release in mind," Marc Diaper, Gymbox CEO, explained.

    Rory McEntee, GYMBOX spokesperson told Sputnik that since launching Brexfit, Gymbox has gained membership queries across Europe.

    "We designed the class for maximum frustration release at our country's politicians and feedback indicates that members feel much more relaxed and de-stressed after the class," McEntee said.

    "The Boris Johnson punchbag has definitely had the most action," he continued, adding that next week's BoJo class "is already booked up" and "proving [to be] one of our most popular HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts."

    McEntee told Sputnik that there were 10 Gymbox venues across London and that members come from all walks of life, "something we're really proud of."

    "When they come to GYMBOX they know they're going to get a workout, but also have fun too," he said.

    McEntee also said that the company does not get involved in politics, but that it has "created a series of exercises featuring politicians from across the political spectrum so our members have a choice on who they might like to punch."

    "For us it's all about our members having fun and getting a great workout at the same time," he added.

    Britain faces exit from the European Union on March 29, 2019 and with six month left until Brexit, many are frustrated with the slow and unsuccessful pace of the negotiations, as well as lack of clarity around the country's future.

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