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    The EURO logo is pictured in front of the European Central Bank, ECB in Frankfurt/Main, central Germany, on November 6, 2014

    Clash of Civilizations: Twittizens Troll ECB, EC on European Languages Day'

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    The Council of Europe (CoE) commemorated an initiative on European languages Wednesday via its Twitter campaign #EuropeanLanguagesDay and #EDL2018, with language enthusiasts across the Old Continent chirping facts about their diverse lingua madres.

    European Languages Day has run every September 26 since 2001 and represents over 800 million Europeans in the Council's 47 member-states. "Understanding each other is the key to benefitting from Europe's rich cultural diversity," CoE secretary general Thorbjørn Jagland said in a statement

    "Language education helps us to do this and to embrace other cultures and ways of life." 

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    Twittizens were full of cheeky replies to Europe's largest institution that showcased videos of lesser-known and untranslatable words in different languages. 

    The video mentioned the Irish word ‘Deisall', referring to the path the Sun takes each day but also meaning "bless you" when someone has a coughing fit. ‘Vybafnout', a Czech word, is a playful way of surprising someone, but also "scaring the hell out of them," one native speaker said. 

    However, some were unsure of how other ‘popular' words translated in their native tongues.  

    "[Surely] Brexit should be in there?" Brighton and Hove resident Ben Glazebrook tweeted. "It seems to be totally untranslatable to all." 

    Despite English being the de jure standard language across the UK, one Cornish woman visiting the Europe house tweeted her proud history. 

    Conversely, a tweet from the European Central Bank backfired, with one irate Brit slamming the organization for bailing out Europe's banking elite. 

    "Are the bail-in laws explained in every language too? Asking for a friend," a defiant Matthew Story replied. 

    The EU Commission asked another relatively benign question, which turned into a flurry of comments on Brexit and Catalan independence. 

    Replying to a proud nationalist francophone who called England a ‘prison', Catalonian native Orni du Guillotin replied, "As far as I know mate you can always leave England, it's not a prison," he stated.  

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    "What's a crime though is that Catalan is not on the list," he said, adding that Catalan is spoken by over seven million in Europe, but ultranationalist governments have "pushed it out of social life". 

    Others were not so enthusiastic about the European Union's preferential treatment of some languages, but letting others fade out of existence. 


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