08:30 GMT13 August 2020
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    The US tennis star's conflict with an umpire during a US Open match has spurred numerous battles on social media regarding alleged gender inequality in the sport. Williams received three code violations during game, losing a point at first and then the whole game.

    The social media squabbles on whether Serena Williams was reasonably punished for code violations during the US Open match didn't have time to settle down before Mark Knight, a cartoonist with the Herald Sun, fueled them with his latest cartoon, published on Twitter. In it, Williams is depicted as a spoiled child who destroys her racket in a furious rampage because she was losing, while the umpire enquires if the opponent could "just let her win."

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    During the US Open match, Williams received a warning from the umpire for coaching during the game, which is prohibited. She tried to contest it, but did so without success. She was then called for a second violation, losing one point for breaking her racket. Furious, Williams accused the umpire of "stealing" her point and demanded that he apologize. After that, the umpire penalized her for a third time for verbal abuse, costing her the entire game.

    The cartoon stirred heated arguments in the comments section among social media users, who were divided in their opinions on the image. Many twitterians branded the cartoon blatantly racist.

    Some added that it was both sexist and racist.

    Heated debates unfolded around the second player, who was depicted as being blonde and white, hardly corresponding to Williams' opponent in the game, Japan's Naomi Osaka.

    Several Twitterians even found a racist message in it.

    Some noted, though, that it is not a "passport photo" and doesn't need to be that accurate.

    When one of the twitterians noted that men also violate tennis rules and are not punished, the author replied with another cartoon, which he had drawn earlier.

    Still, a lot of people on Twitter actually supported the author, noting that the tennis star had earned her punishment.

    Some suggested that Williams used the argument that she was actually fighting for women's rights as cover for her outrage.


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