20:47 GMT29 October 2020
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    The solution to this mystery was only discovered once the researchers decided to study the history of this particular region and look up some Cold War-era satellite photos.

    A new enigma has emerged from the Kazakhstan wastes, as a group of scientists stumbled upon a small fleet of large seafaring ships smack dab in the middle of a desert.

    Photos snapped by the Quickbird Earth Observation Satellite hovering high above the region clearly depict four large sand-swept vessels stuck in arid land miles away from the nearest body of water, the Aral Sea.

    "It is hard to wrap your head around what is going on in this image. You've got a vast desert where you would expect there to be no water whatsoever and yet in the middle, there is a fleet of rusting ships," Canadian explorer George Kourounis said as quoted by The Daily Star.

    However, the mystery was quickly solved once the researchers consulted the satellite photos of this part of Kazakhstan dating back to the Cold War, and discovered that back then the Aral Sea extended to this part of Kazakhstan, and the entire area where the ships were located was covered in water.


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