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    Lure Hsu

    Forever Young: Meet the 43-Year-Old Chinese Who Looks Like a Teen (PHOTOS)

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    No, it’s not an optical illusion: this 43-year-old Taiwanese designer looks half her age – her skin is fresh and glowing, her hair is silky and her body is amazingly fit.

    Lure Hsu, 43, has become an Instagram sensation because people simply couldn’t believe how young she looked. While her ageless beauty may be due to her genes, she also follows a vegetarian lifestyle, and uses moisturizing products that keep her skin wrinkle-free.


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    Lure Hsu has over a 744k-strong following on Instagram, where she frequently shares tips on how to stay forever young and beautiful.

    She always applies sunscreen before going outside and takes oral supplements, such as Vitamin C and collagen, strictly following her regular skincare regime.

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    The bombshell has revealed that she avoids sugar and greasy foods, and starts the morning with a black coffee, which “wakes up her skin.”


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