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    Freelee the Banana Girl

    Australian Nudist Living in Wild Slammed for Using Technology (PHOTOS)

    © Photo: freeleethebananagirl/instagram
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    Meet Freelee the Banana Girl,a 37-year-old Australian nudist who shot to social media fame after she started posting extraordinary videos of her life in nature’s lap, which she at some point preferred to busy Queensland.

    Freelee regularly shares updates on her naturist vegan lifestyle in a remote South American forest on YouTube and Instagram, but has now met with criticism for her use of technology.

    “One commenter said I was lying and living in a mansion out here and have a photographer who follows me around taking all my pics,” Freelee complained, as cited by The Daily Star.

    She went on to say that she had never implied that living off the grid entails a hermit-like lifestyle with no ties whatsoever with the outside world.

    “A commenter said I'm a fraud for having a smartphone, internet, and electricity,” Freelee continued, adding she indeed uses her smartphone and has Internet thanks to a satellite connection, which she uses to put forward her empowering and deeply inspiring messages.

    In a bid to inspire positive change and show people it is indeed possible to live a fulfilling and most beautiful life out in the wild she has given up makeup, razors and even clothes. 


    She says she lives in a tent right out in the nature, drinks water “free of cost” and elsewhere ubiquitous “city pollutants,” occasionally filming herself using a “Mr. Tripod” and then taking screenshots for her Instagram. “Bored” with working her life away, she quit her job and escaped a big city life fleeing to the wild nature together with her partner.

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