16:58 GMT +312 December 2019
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    Bird Pulls The Guts Out of Snake!

    WATCH Little Bird Dreadfully Tearing Dying Snake Apart, Trying to Eat Its Guts

    © REUTERS / YouTube/Kruger Sightings
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    In the animal kingdom, a predator can never relax because in the blink of an eye a hunter could easily become the hunted, killed by some tiny and “harmless” creature. There is no exception to this rule, even if the predator is venomous and fast.

    A tourist witnessed one such gory fight at Kruger National Park in South Africa when a small bird brutally attacked a poisonous snake, pecking its eyes out for good measure, before feasting on the reptile's lifeless body and guts. The ferocious bird appeared to be a grey-headed bushshrike, who are famous for their violent manner of hunting.


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