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    Surfers and shark

    WATCH Drone Footage of Shark Getting Uncomfortably Close to Unaware Surfer

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    Australia is known for its beautiful surfing locations as well as being a place where adventure seekers may often encounter a shark near the coast.

    An Australian man, Blair Ranford, has posted a breathtaking video of a shark approaching an unaware surfer in Western Australia on his Instagram account Sharky Aerials. Filmed from above by a drone, the footage shows a predator approaching the man carelessly rocking on the huge waves.

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    "He had never even seen it. He was amazed when he saw the footage," Mr. Ranford said of the surfer in a comment to Daily Mail Australia, noting that surfers occasionally get close to sharks while not even being aware they are.

    However, according to Ranford, the man captured in the video was not at risk as the wild animal showed "no interest in the surfer outside of a little curiosity."

    This is the reality for the vast majority of times that sharks and people meet in our oceans...mostly we never even realise they were there. This shark showed no interest in the surfer outside of a little curiosity, as to the strange creature in it’s habitat. Of course on rare occasions their interest takes a dangerous turn for people, but in truth those situations really are incredibly rare. There is so much we can do to help reduce an already small risk even further. From paying attention to the signs the ocean gives us, such as presence of baitschools, seals, even whales close to shore. Even the old myth of dolphins mean no sharks, is just that. Sharks and dolphins are often found together feeding on the same schools of fish...and of course sharks are more than capable of predating on dolphins. Shark Shield devices like @oceanguardian_sharkshield and even stripes and eyes on the bottom of your board, all can help deter a shark from taking curiosity further. And here in Australia we all have access to apps which can alert us to shark sightings and whale carcasses. We need to never lose sight of the fact that the ocean is a wild environment, no different to the plains of Africa and act accordingly. For the record this surfer never knew the shark was there, and I made them aware of it as soon as I could. #sharkyaerials #apexpredator #sharks #isurfidiveirespectsharks #southwestisbest #margaretriverregion #dji #phantom4 #healthyoceansneedsharks

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