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    Paper Ballots for Everyone! Twitter Shocked as 11-yo Hacks US Voting Systems

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    Organizers of the 2018 DEFCON have tried to draw the attention of the authorities to vulnerabilities in existing US voting systems, but the authorities have refuted their concerns, claiming real voting systems are well protected.

    Eleven-year-old Emmett Brewer made a splash on social media after he and 30 other children aged from eight to 16 managed to bypass the security measures of a Florida voting site replica during a DEFCON hackathon contest. Websites representing voting information, as well as voting stations' defenses against cyberintrusion, failed to stop young hackers as they altered the results, deleted voting data and added new votes, such as "Bob Da Builder" and "Richard Nixon's Head."

    And though both the voting stations and websites were just good replicas, the results of the hackathon lit a fire under netizens. Many of them were shaken, realizing how vulnerable US voting systems can be, with lots of people urging the government to fix the situation.

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    A lot of Twitter users indulged in snark at the expense of not only voting systems' protection, but also the mass media narrative regarding the menace of phantom Russian hackers.

    Although some Twitter users take the MSM narrative on Russian hackers more seriously.

    Many Twitter comments also contained calls for returning to the paper ballots system.


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