20:08 GMT22 February 2020
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    In a moment of amusing irony it has been revealed that Ivanka Trump’s longtime makeup artist is - wait for it - a Mexican immigrant to the United States.

    The first daughter's father has gone out of his way to criticize immigration into the US, making continual and regularly unsubstantiated claims of rampant violence, rape, drug abuse and other horrors at the hands of documented and undocumented immigrants alike, while instituting a policy of tearing immigrant families apart — including those with very small children.

    Of all the countries that the 45th president has verbally assaulted, however — including the DPRK, Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Chad, Niger and yes, even Canada, none have born the brunt of his fearful tirade as much as Mexico.

    During the initial announcement of the former reality television producer's successful 2016 run for president of the United States, Trump infamously tossed off comments suggesting that all Mexican citizens seeking to enter US were bringing "drugs, "crime" and were "rapists."

    And, of course, there is that absurd 2000-mile wall from Texas to California he will probably wait for the rest of his life to be built.

    But while first daughter Ivanka has top-level security clearance and is purported to be one of the president's closest advisors, routinely backing up even her father's most absurd statements, the revelation that a ten-year professional relationship between her and a Mexican emigree to the US displays a level of cognitive dissonance that an increasingly numbed American public now merely accepts, according to Gizmodo.com.

    The story of Alexa Rudolfo, a legal immigrant into the US from her native Juarez, Mexico, in 2005, is one repeated by the hundreds of thousands of naturalized Americans every year, although you would be unlikely to hear it repeated by President Trump or his adherents.

    After Rudolfo's arrival to New York City, she quickly established herself as a stylist to the glitterati, including Ivanka Trump. In 2009, no less than Vogue magazine name-checked the busy esthetician as the "beloved hair and makeup artist to all the girls."

    Rudolfo has made no secret of her longtime working relationship with the first daughter, complementing the improbable White House advisor — and her husband, real estate developer Jared Kushner — as having a "deep respect for my heritage," cited by Gizmodo.

    In light of the 45th president's almost compulsive verbal attacks on immigrants seeking to enter the US, does the successful Manhattan transplant from the wilds of Juarez feel any responsibility to point out her client's — and her client's notorious father's — cultural disconnect on their working relationship?

    "Everyone knows Ivanka is not only my client, but she has been a wonderful and supportive friend," posted Rudolfo recently on her Instagram account, without providing examples of what forms that friendship and support might take.

    But the in-demand stylist did suggest that nanny duties are included in the ten-year association between the two, posting that Ivanka's kids "play with my makeup while I work. Then, when Ivanka leaves, I stay with [daughter] Arabella."

    Successful US immigration stories, while quietly abundant, are few and far between in the popular consciousness recently, as anti-immigration proponent and current US President Donald Trump — alongside his favorite daughter Ivanka — regularly seek to spread fear of the foreigner in a country built by refugees escaping tyranny in all its forms.


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