12:02 GMT05 December 2020
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    This is not the first time that UK Prime Minister Theresa May has performed an unusually low dip – she was previously photographed doing the same awkward plunge while greeting Queen Elizabeth II and Prince William’s wife, Kate.

    The prime minister has yet again performed a spectacularly low curtsy to greet and shake the hand of Prince William at Amiens Cathedral in northern France as they attended the Battle of Amiens centenary ceremony.

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    Theresa May’s “signature” way of greeting the royal has received loads of attention on Twitter, where users didn’t hesitate to throw jibes at the prime minister.

    Twittersphere alleged May was simply doing her routine lunges:

    Another user rushed into highlighting Prince William’s reaction to the bizarre plunge:

    Others compared her to Lord of The Ring’s character, Gollum:

    Fellow Twitterians reminded netizens that this is not the first time that May has been spotted getting down on an overly-bended knee:

    According to professional coaching company Debrett’s, the curtsy “should be a discreet but dignified movement, with a slow rise, maintaining eye contact.”

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