19:03 GMT05 April 2020
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    American rapper Shad Moss, known by the pseudonym Bow Wow, launched into a wild Twitter rant after a fan got on his nerves, having accused him of kicking them out of his section of the club for recording him and his girlfriend.

    On a regular Saturday, Bow Wow tweeted a series of pictures of him and his girlfriend Kiyomi, but one of user responded to the post, saying that he was too hung up on his fame.

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    Instead of deleting these comments or ignoring them, he reacted to the message with a series of fury-filled tweets, which have since been removed. Moss went nuclear about quitting rap, giving away all his money through Cash App, and working at Game Stop to show people that wealth didn’t equate to happiness.

    “Down size my home. Sale everything. And go to work at gamestop. I’d probably be the happiest man in the world. Trade my cars in and buy a PROBE,” he tweeted.

    And by the end of his rant, he admitted that he should probably see his therapist before he does “something stupid.”

    In his pursuit of happiness, Moss tweeted, “I’m cash apping all my money away today. So if you want some free money yall can have it… let’s see if you think money makes you happy.”

    Bow Wow posted a similar message on Instagram, having taken a screenshot of the amount of money, he’d sent to some Todd Esson, with the caption, “Sending my fans money today! I don’t want it. This money is evil. Maybe yall can do some good with it… enjoy!”

    Once news of his antics broke, Twitter was sent into meltdown, with users wondering if he actually was giving his funds away:

    Others shared gifs and videos to illustrate their reaction to the rapper’s tweet and Instagram post:

    There were those who suggested that the rapper was pulling a PR stunt and that he was looking for attention:

    Some Twitterians were even confused to find out that Shad Moss was still in music, saying they thought he had quit long ago:

    While fans have flooded his social media accounts asking for money, it remains unclear whether he plans to follow through with his promise.

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