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    More and more social media users around the world are joining the #KikiChallenge, inspired by Drake’s new track “In My Feelings,” and jumping out of moving cars to dance. While some just risk having embarrassing videos on their Instagram feed, others get into real trouble, falling, getting injured and even going to jail.

    Security services in several countries have decided to put an end to #kikichallenge, according to media reports.

    The madness, which makes people jump out moving cars to dance, has come from “In My Feelings,” a track released by Canadian songwriter Drake, who dedicated it to his ex, with the lyrics “Kiki, do you love me?”

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    The proclaimed trendsetter of this challenge is internet comedian Shiggy, who, however, danced to the track without jumping out of a car. Social media responded to the call, making it more challenging and adding a moving vehicle.

    #Mood: KEKE Do You Love Me? 😂😂😂 @champagnepapi #DoTheShiggy #InMyFeelings

    Публикация от Shoker🃏 (@theshiggyshow) 29 Июн 2018 в 6:15 PDT

    The wave quickly got out of control, making the police and authorities warn people or even ban any attempts show off smooth dancing skills on the road.

    Police in Spain have warned drivers that they could face criminal charges for filming a “Kiki video.” In Egypt, legal and religious officials joined forces to fight the trend. While secular officials are threatening people with jail terms and fines for endangering other people’s safety, according to Fox News, religious leaders are slamming users for posing a threat to "long entrenched values and ethics."

    The traffic police in Jordan also stressed that “anyone caught doing it will be punished under a violation of the traffic law called reckless driving, and will have his or her car held in custody,” according to the local press.

    In United Arab Emirates, the authorities arrested three social media influencers for taking part in the challenge. They have been accused of “endangering their lives and the lives of others and violating public morals.”

    The police in the US, however, don’t seem to mind and even filmed their own kiki clip.

    In some cases, participants turned from potential threats into victims. In Tunisia a woman reportedly got robbed while filming a clip for the challenge. A video of the incident emerged online; however some debate whether it’s staged.

    While others managed to escaped robbers or policemen, they had to deal with angry mothers.
    For some the challenge ended in injuries.

    Nevertheless, many have enjoyed less traumatic experiences. The list of participants is still growing with A-list celebrities, like Will Smith, responding to the call…

    Even animals joined in on the excitement.

    Kiki, do you love me now? 🙄😭 @unstoppablek9s @lnsta_dogs #inmyfeelingschallenge

    Публикация от PETS LOVE (@pets_adore) 27 Июл 2018 в 5:52 PDT


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