20:38 GMT25 October 2020
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    While relations between Moscow and Washington remain strained, Canadian-American model and 90's TV sensation Pamela Anderson has stepped forward to criticize the US.

    Hollywood celebrity and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson insists that the way the US reacts to Russia can be really “annoying” during an interview with The Daily Beast.

    "We’re programmed in America to think that if anything’s gone wrong, it’s Russia’s fault. It’s just the go-to thing to do. So that’s kind of a common joke there when I go to visit. They say, 'Well, what have we done wrong this time?' And it’s authentic," Anderson said.

    She added that while “people just think Russians are very scary and stoic, they actually “can be very emotional, very engaged and wanting to do the right thing.”

    "It’s annoying. America can be very annoying, how everything is so anti-Russia," Anderson remarked.

    She also clarified that her connection to Putin, which dates back to the 2000s, was related to wildlife protection as she sought to enlist the help of the Russian government to hamper seal hunting in Canada by banning the import of seal products to Russia."

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    "It’s a different way of doing business there, obviously, and I don’t agree with everything, but the things that I’ve been involved in there, things move very fast and it’s good to see that they’re so forward-thinking when it comes to the environment," she said.

    Her message resonated with a number of Twitter users who agreed with Anderson’s assessment.

    ​Others however criticized Anderson’s stance, often insisting that her opinion is simply irrelevant.


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