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    Cat stealing food from a table

    Purring Superiority: Cat Owners Heartily Shame Their Felines' Antics (PHOTOS)

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    However mischievous our feline friends may be, as they often prefer shredding soft-cover furniture to toys specially purchased in pet shops, or climbing up a curtain and impudently hanging there to snuggling calmly on a carpet beside their owner’s feet, few would deny that these are very adorable creatures.

    Instagram now boasts a unique group, backed by a 131-thousand strong crowd of supporters that ironically put their purring friends to shame, although with all the tenderness and affection that a loving human heart can showcase.

    Cat Shaming contributors share their pictures, captioning them in a tongue-in cheek manner, which is at times rather straightforward and mocking; for instance, these ones play on cats’ innate predisposition to nicking food, cotton pads and what not.

    Another one shared a picture of a puzzled cat all in paint after it satisfied its natural curiosity literally poking its nose into….a paint tray.

    Some users opted for images in which their four-legged companions are matter-of-factly stretching out on the floor, having left the room all topsy-turvy.

    Whatever the ubiquitous mess and chaos in the pictures, one thing is undeniable: the naughty felines appear to rule the animal kingdom and beyond it, to loads of laughter and tears of emotion.


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