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    Dead Cockroach

    Philippine Man Stirs Up Frenzy as He Devises Electric Chair to Execute Cockroach

    CC BY 2.0 / Steve Snodgrass / Dead Cockroach
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    Although the reflex was to hit the insect with an object, the young man opted for a more elaborate and time-consuming way to settle the score.

    A Philippine sculptor has sent social media into a frenzy after he executed a cockroach in a self-made miniscule electric chair without batting an eye and posted a respective video and photos on Facebook.

    After the pest happened to flow into Gabriel Tuazon’s apartment through an open window he embarked on rigging up a mini wooden chair connected to battery wires and a light bulb. He afterwards filmed himself plugging in the wires to send an electric current through the minute body, with the footage showing its death throes.

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    Internet users flooded the comment section below the post, expressing their outrage and condemnation; however the sculptor remained unrepentant saying the cockroach “wasn’t supposed to come inside.” “I was supposed to hit it with an object, but felt gross at the idea because I might dirty my working table,” Tuazon concluded, as cited by The Daily Mail. The latter seems to have stricken even a deeper chord with the public:

    "How can anybody think that this is acceptable. Every living creature has feelings. This is animal cruelty and it should not be allowed," one user wrote in Filipino, with another one summing it all up most explicitly: "Son of a b****, ew poor thing." Some netizens laughed it all off or, alternatively, took on a less humanistic approach, concentrating more on the technical details:

    "This guy is my hero. He spent 2 hours constructing an electric chair," one woman said on Twitter.

    Earlier media reported on a Florida woman, who suffered from a roach that crawled into her ear while she was asleep and was stuck there for nine days.


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