16:26 GMT24 November 2020
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    How many days left, you ask? Here’s your marquee-style reference guide. Happy Fourth of July, you lucky Americans!

    It's July 4th: holiday time in America, as the United States celebrates its 242nd birthday and viral memes surrounding independence, freedom and resistance bob to the surface of the national conscience.

    To help the haters, lovers and those simply head-scratchingly confused about the antics of the current presidential administration in Washington DC, a thoughtful homeowner in the city of Seattle has created an old-school style countdown clock to reference how many days are left in the four-year term of the remarkably polarizing US 45th president.

    A household in Seattle's diverse Leschi neighborhood put up a helpful — and pointedly old-school analog — movie-marquee style countdown clock following the inauguration of US President Donald Trump January 20, 2017, according to local news station KIRO 7.

    Homeowner Lily Onnen asserted that the announcement — which she diligently changes daily — acts not only to statistically note how many days are left until the end of the presidential term, but also as a hopeful reminder of better times to come.

    "It's a message of hope," Onnen said, adding, "For me the more the number shrinks, the more hopeful I get," cited by Newsweek.

    Although there is always the chance that the increasingly-isolated Trump could be reelected in 2020, Onnen remains undaunted.

    "We would reset the clock. We would start all over," she observed.

    The clock, with its own Instagram account generating thousands of likes and comments, sees a new post each day.

    On America's November 2017 popular, family-oriented, annual Thanksgiving Day, the Trump Countdown Clock clarified the sentiment for resistance that increasing numbers of US citizens are declaring both privately and in public.

    "On Thanksgiving Day, as the President is aggrieved that more Americans aren't expressing gratitude for him, we are thankful for all those who are committed to resisting his immoral, ignorant and incompetent Presidency. And resist we shall. Happy Thanksgiving," cited by Newsweek.


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