08:05 GMT06 March 2021
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    Michelle Wolf, who landed in hot water after her choice of jokes at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, came up with a list of the best insults against the US administration officials attending her show. The comedian aimed several remarks at the president’s daughter and senior advisor, triggering public outrage.

    Following the incident with US Administration Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who was denied service in a restaurant amid a scandal involving the separation of migrant families, comedian Michelle Wolf presented a televised segment, in which she expressed how White House officials and politicians should be insulted.

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    She paid particular attention to Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka, who’s also a senior advisor to the US president. She generated several jokes comparing her with a sexual transmitted disease. She suggested addressing Ivanka, when one meets her, as follows:

    “Ivanka, you’re like vaginal mesh [implant used in pelvic surgeries]. You were supposed to support women, but now you have blood all over you and you’re at the center of a dozen lawsuits.”

    She later elaborated: "Is your nickname herpes? Because you are not necessary the most dangerous person in the Administration, but you are very unpleasant, totally incurable and you always show up when we are about to get f****d."

    The remarks were immediately slammed as vulgar on Twitter, where users criticized Wolf’s comments.


    Some suspected that she was driven my jealousy rather than differing political views:

    And questioned if the verbal attack would face criticism from women:

    Or fire back at Wolf:

    Some criticized Netflix for broadcasting her show.

    Others defended Wolf, praising free speech and her sense of humor.

    In June, Ivanka Trump was called by Samantha Bee  a "feckless c*nt" – a term that the BBC described as "widely viewed as the most offensive epithet to call a woman" – as the comedian chastised Donald Trump’s daughter over the migrant issues in the United States. Just several days after this remark, another punch came from MSNBC journalist Nicolle Wallace who asked a colleague from Vanity Fair, Emily Jane Fox, why Ivanka and Melania Trump had not reacted to Rudy Giuliani’s recent remark that he respects only “beautiful women and women of value,” suggesting,  “Are they numb, are they dead inside, are they paid off?”

    Michelle Wolf made a splash on social media outlets after her roast at the annual White House correspondents’ dinner. She raised questions in the media and on Twitter with some of her insults.

    "Ivanka, she was supposed to be an advocate for women but she is about as helpful to women as an empty box of tampons," the comedian said.


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