22:24 GMT26 October 2020
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    After his prank call to US President Donald Trump was successful in getting the leader on the line, comedian John Melendez tweeted late Friday that the US Secret Service had knocked on his door.

    Trump, traveling on Air Force One, took the prank call believing that it was Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), even though Melendez made obvious verbal references to the call not being quite kosher, according to The Hill.

    Trump spoke with the comedian for several minutes, all the time believing in the caller's fake identity.

    After hanging up without breaking character, Melendez's prank call went spectacularly viral, as many pointed out not just the hilarity of the stunt but also how easy it was to fool Trump into believing what more sober minds would have quickly detected and shut down.

    But things got a little scary after Melendez was visited at home by members of the US Secret Service.

    "Secret Service at my door," Melendez tweeted on Friday evening, adding, "I guess my old friend Donald wants to continue this. Stay tuned.

    Cowering inside as agents hovered on the porch, the comedian tweeted that he was not going to answer the door.

    After neighbors let Melendez know that the coast was clear, the comedian tweeted that he had hightailed it for a bolthole in an "undisclosed location."

    ​Melendez had earlier uploaded audio to his "The Stuttering John Podcast," documenting the prank call to Trump, made while the president rode aboard Air Force One.


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