20:12 GMT23 June 2021
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    US President Donald Trump and DPRK leader Kim Jong-un met on June 12 during a historic summit between the two countries to discuss the future of their relations and North Korea's nuclear program.

    Now that the Trump-Kim summit has come to a successful end, people have started guessing whether this breakthrough in relations between the US and DPRK will bring its leaders the Nobel Peace Prize. Metro newspaper reported that certain bookmakers are already accepting 2\1 bets in favor of the option that the US President will receive it alone or in a group (for example with Kim Jong-un).

    Twitter is divided on the matter with many users supporting the idea of Trump receiving the prize.

    Many twitterians recalled how Obama received his Nobel Prize, which some people believe to have been given undeservedly. Some users went as far as to suggest Obama's prize should be revoked in favor of Trump.

    At the same time, other Twitter users have expressed their discontent with the prospect of Trump and Kim Jong-un getting the Nobel Peace Prize.

    A few suggested a less "mainstream" option for the next Nobel Prize winner, recalling Dennis Rodman's efforts in establishing the dialogue between the US and North Korea.


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