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    White Hopes: The Bullied Albino Girl Who Became a Model (PHOTO)

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    Through sheer will and determination, a black albino girl managed to endure the bullying from her peers and become a fashion model.

    Joanne Dion is a British woman of African descent who was born with albinism — a congenital disorder which results in the complete or partial absence of pigment in a person’s skin, eyes and hair.

    During childhood, Dion was constantly bullied because of her condition, earning her nicknames like “ghost”, “Casper”, “vampire” and “Shrek.”

    Her life changed in 2016 when she was approached by a photographer while shopping – an event that marked the beginning of her modelling career.

    Since then, she has already worked with Sunday London and Missguided, starring in the latter’s #InYourOwnSkin body-positive campaign.

    According to Refinery29, Dion was even accused of having white privilege because of the color of her skin.

    "There’s a lot of confusion [over] where I fit in society, because my skin is very fair and pale and white. But I am of Black descent and I am a Black person. Black people naturally assume that I have white privilege, which is definitely not the case," Dion said.


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