00:25 GMT10 April 2020
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    Three wax world leaders made a gruesome appearance at a Chinese trade fair recently Chinese trade fair, delighting and horrifying visitors.

    The wax figures depicting nearly a unrecognizable US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un popped up at a trade fair called Kitchen & Bath China in Shanghai.

    Even Saturday Night Live's Alec Baldwin portrayed the US leader better. The wax "Trump" is emaciated compared to the real 45, not to mention sporting a much lighter facial features. The authors also totally failed to imitate Trump's trademark hairstyle, instead giving him a coiffure more like that of UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. (And perhaps the confusion is genuine: the two men have themselves been compared before, in both appearance and temperament.)

    ​According to the Sun, the creators attempted to mimic Trump's "iconic nonchalant facial expression," but failed miserably. The Sun thinks the sculptors got Trump's combover right, but we disagree, leaving only his "crooked thumbs up," as recognizably part of the reality show host turned politician's physical being.

    Putin has inexplicably been given red hair, in a style never before seen on the Russian president, as well as distinctively Asian, almond-shaped eyes, and a bizarre lower jaw. Apparently, the Shanghai crafters only had black and white photos of Putin, along with a plentiful imagination?

    As for Kim, the statue appears not only much skinnier and younger than the real North Korean leader, he is also depicted wearing a red scarf from the Korean Children's Union in a manner he's never been seen wearing it before. Although Kim has been photographed wearing a KCU scarf on a number of occasions, he's never worn it under his collar, as the organization's members do and as the wax simulacrum does. And yep, you guessed it: the hair is once again a departure from reality.

    The wax statues were part of a marketing campaign to attract potential buyers to the fair. While it is unknown whether the poor similarities were intentional or not, the statues did gather a sizeable crowd, and photos of them are now appearing in newspapers around the world.

    The Kitchen & Bath China exhibition markets a range of kitchen appliances, including dishwashers and kitchen gadgets, attracting some 100,000 customers every year, according to the Sun. Perhaps those gadgets can be used to melt, chop, wash, flush, or otherwise dispose of these wax monstrosities?


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