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    Russian President Vladimir Putin answer questions from Russia’s citizens during the annual special Direct Line with Vladimir Putin broadcast live by Russian TV channels and radio stations

    Viral Takeaways From Putin's Q&A Session That Rocked Russian Internet

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    The annual live Q&A session of the Russian president wasn’t all that serious and restrained. President Putin, anchors and online commentators had moments to relax, have a good laugh and get personal. Sputnik has gathered the gems from this year’s session, which lasted more than four hours.

    Is It a Question?

    A former Russian football coach, Valery Gazzayev, has become a hero on social media. His awkward question on the 2018 FIFA World Cup legacy puzzled commentators, as some initially didn’t even grasp what he was asking about.

    ​However, Putin could decipher the question.

    ​Gazzayev’s compliment was so “long … he couldn’t finish it” like the one by Ostap Bender from “The Twelve Chairs.”


    Short, precise, clear

    ​Gazzayev demanded Saint Nickolas help Putin!

    ​Gazzayev toasted Putin instead of asking a question as he’s used to.

    Presidential Sacrifice and Advice

    The discussion also went personal when the anchors asked Vladimir Putin what he sacrifices by being Russia’s president. He admitted that it’s one’s private life that one sacrifices.. He also revealed what he would advise his children: “Don’t lie.”

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    Putin Goes on ‘First Name’ Basis

    Vladimir Putin pointed at Germany’s Angela Merkel, France’s Emmanuel Macron, Japan’s Shinzo Abe as world leaders whom he addresses by their first name. This contrasts with the respectful form he uses with Czech Republic’s Milos Zeman, who is older than him.

    Finance Minister Absent

    The finance minister’s empty seat before the teleconference puzzled commentators.

    ​Has anybody noticed that Putin lacks a minister!?

    Where is the Finance Ministry?

    ​Are they going to build a huge Power Ranger after the Q&A ends?

    Volodya, Aren’t You Tired

    During the fourth hour of the presidential hotline, somebody asked the president: “Volodya [short for Vladimir], aren't you tired?” He promptly answered "No."

    Good Car Indeed

    Putin responded to an internet meme depicting him at the gas station along with Lada Kalina, seemingly puzzled over gasoline prices.

    ​What prices!


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