17:01 GMT10 July 2020
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    After about three weeks out of the media spotlight, the US first lady tried to ease anxiety and rapidly spreading speculations about her health as she continued to recover from a kidney condition.

    Although she explicitly stated on Twitter that she was "feeling great" after a recent surgery and staying with her family in the White House, the comment just spearheaded a new wave of talks and gossip, with Donald Trump weighing in on the debate saying that Melania was feeling well.

    Wild theories have been lately circulating on the internet over Melania’s health and her whereabouts; and they essentially rose in number after she missed a charity sports event yesterday at the White House.

    One user remarked, tongue-in-cheek, that even Elvis "came around" more often than Melania, which was immediately applauded in a chain of comments:

    Another user posted a meme hinting at Trump’s general inattentiveness and lack of manners, which has been speculated upon on more than one occasion:

    Some apparently believe that there is really something wrong with Melania, following reports in the US media, which Trump infrequently refers to as the "fake news media."

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    There are even those who think the tweet Melania allegedly sent yesterday had  in actual fact been ‘penned’ by Trump, who is assumed to have Melania’s account on the cellphone.

    Remarkably, one user portrayed US political life as a TV series, with some actors having been recast. A recent picture of Trump with Kim Kardashian on his right accompanied the post.


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