12:07 GMT27 February 2020
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    Apparently, the “Yanny or Laurel” craze has reached the White House, as the staff has filmed and released its own video in an attempt to settle the dispute over the audio clip recording, which went viral earlier this week.

    Listening to the audio, US President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, has exclaimed that “it’s so clearly Laurel,” and was followed by Raj Shah, Deputy Press Secretary and Nick Ayers, Chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence.

    It appears that the audio clip has sown division among White House officials since not everyone hears Laurel: when the man behind the camera told spokeswoman Sarah Sanders that it had been reported that she heard Laurel, she struck back by saying that he had obtained the information from CNN, “because it’s fake news,” thus joining Team Yanny.

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    Mike Pence, for his part, wondered who Yanny was, but that was just the tip of the iceberg; the epic video wrapped up as Trump declared all he heard was “covfefe,” alluding to his bizarre tweet that went viral last year.

    “Yanny or Laurel,” a brief audio recording, has become the subject of the most heated debate on the Internet since the gold or blue dress controversy and the color of flip-flops.

    It turns out that lower frequencies make people hear “Laurel,” while higher ones increase their chance to believe it sounds like “Yanny.”

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    The US Air Force also entered the fray, making a controversial remark related to the subject, having tweeted that “The Taliban Forces in Farah city #Afghanistan would much rather have heard #Yanny or #Laurel than the deafening #BRRRT they got courtesy of our #A10.”

    The tweet caused quite a stir on social media, which made the Air Force apologize for the now-deleted message.

    The original tweet referred to an attack on Tuesday by Afghan and American air forces on Taliban fighters, trying to capture the city of Farah. The “#BRRRT” in the post likely alluded to the sound made by the A-10 jet’s 30 mm  GAU-8 rotary cannon.

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