05:00 GMT26 November 2020
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    An enterprising lady has potentially launched a fashion trend in Japan by discovering a new way of wearing a backpack thanks to her sizeable breasts.

    Japanese cosplay enthusiast Yui Okada invented what SoraNews24 described as a "boobpack" while carrying an otherwise ordinary backpack by wearing its straps between her massive breasts.

    "Carrying my rucksack with my breasts," tweeted Okada, who styles herself as a maker of "adult-oriented cosplay-style DVDs," as she shared hew know-how online.

    ​While the whole setup might be somewhat painful due to the pressure applied by backpack straps to the breasts, Okada claimed that the experience didn’t hurt at all.

    ​She noted however that she wore the straps in this fashion as a "one-time joke" and therefore couldn’t be certain about the effect of repeated or extended "boobpack sessions."

    ​According to the media outlet, Okada’s invention has been “met with widespread approval” among Japanese social media users who praised it as "an incredible idea" and "a whole new function for breasts."


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