19:53 GMT +311 December 2018
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    Yanny or Laurel? 'The World Needs to Know' as Audio Clip Dilemma Blasts Internet

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    Listen carefully because a new vicious debate is tearing the internet apart and now it is over the content of a very short audio recording.

    First it was the great dress debate and then it was the color of a pair of flip-flops that kept people all over the world awake at night, typing away in online arguments over the 'right' answer.

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    There has now been a shift from the optical illusion quandary to an auditory one. An audio clip featuring a voice repeating one word is being shared on social media, with users both asking answering one question — 'what do you hear?'

    Opinions have largely divided over the 'Yanny vs Laurel' issue, which has also triggered volumes of irony and memes online. 


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