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    A UFO over a town

    Stranger Things: Nine Alleged US Combat Drones Recorded on Camera in Texas

    CC BY 2.0 / Vladimir Pustovit / UFO
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    A video filmed in Dallas showing unidentified objects in the night sky has prompted netizens to believe that the United States may have been testing a “secret project.”

    The footage, recorded by Alfredo Cruz, has baffled the Internet, with many laying out conspiracy theories as the man witnessed a bizarre phenomenon that he described as the military “testing secret spaceships they don’t tell us about.” Someone else next to Cruz, however, pointed out that the objects looked like UFOs, having counted nine of them.

    YouTube enthusiasts have come up with various theories on what they actually saw:

    “The US military are 20 years in front any other country with advanced technology. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s them!” wrote a user under nickname Nicky Boy.

    Another user, theenitehawk, voiced a similar point of view:

    “Military ufos [sic], they do have technology like this, watch out.”

    “It’s the way they all move at the same time in the sky, synchronized flight formation, weird,” said Joanne B.

    In March, an aircraft passenger noticed an unusual orange triangle in his pictures of the rising sun in Texas, with many UFOmaniacs on the web labeling the phenomenon a “strange, flaming-looking triangular UFO.” Others, however, speculated that the mysterious craft could have been the TR-3B, a purported secret government plane that can allegedly go undetected on air traffic radars.


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