13:16 GMT19 January 2021
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    The singer claimed that during her last visit to Israel she was sexually harassed, treated badly, shouted and coughed at because of her skin color and sent her fans a message: “Y'all country is nuts.” This outburst came just weeks after Natalie Portman canceled her visit to Israel due to her distress over “recent events.”

    Harlem-born rapper Azealia Banks has gone on a Twitter offensive against Israel, claiming she faced racism as she travelled to Tel Aviv for her concert. She said she was treated badly on numerous occasions because of her skin color. The African American celebrity gave her account on hostile encounters and unpleasant incidents in several Tweets, complaining about:

    being mistreated by vendors…

    ​…the staff at Ben-Gurion International Airport (it stated, however, that Banks had been treated like any other tourist or citizen), and the airline she flew on, which she called racist…

    ​…and travel companions, including a rabbi, who allegedly harassed her.

    ​She was so annoyed that she said she’d come back to Israel only if she’s paid well…

    ​… but in a subsequent tweet she promised she’d never go to Israel again.

    ​Azealia Bank’s revelations got a huge response on Twitter; however “Israeli racism” was no news for many commentators, noted that it’s on the rise in Israel.

    ​Others stated that she shouldn’t have gone to Israel at the first place…

    ​READ MORE: 'Apartheid State': UN Slams Israel For Human Rights Violation

    Some said the racism is baseless…

    ​…and some stated that she has no credibility and cares only about money.

    ​Incidentally, in February, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement called on her to cancel a very gig, which ended up being a disappointment for her. But she had decided to perform and opposed the boycotting, saying "Me cancelling my concert would be totally anti-Semitic and I'm not going to EVER make any of my fans feel like they don't have a place in my heart.”



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    Banks’ revelations came hot on the heels of another celebrity scandal, involving an Oscar-winning actress, Natalie Portman, who declined an invitation to an award ceremony of the “Jewish Nobel Prize.” In April the Hollywood star passed on a Genesis Prize evening to fetch a $2 million prize due to her “distress over recent events” and was blamed for sympathizing with BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) supporters. She denied all accusation saying that she pulled out of the ceremony since she didn’t want to endorse Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was to give a speech there.


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