12:48 GMT27 November 2020
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    While the first round of talks between unions and the French prime minister over a proposed transport reform took place, union and student activists were trying to block three stations in Paris and got tough response from the special police forces.

    The police have crushed the resumed anti-Macron rallies in Paris, where union activists, joined by students, protested the railway and labor reforms proposed by the French president.

    Hundreds of activists have tried to block the work of three Paris stations, but were dispersed by special riot police. About 200 members of the Sud-Rail trade union, armed with firearms, tried to break into the Montparnasse station, causing panic inside, but police forcefully pushed them back.

    In Gare du Nord station, police built a human shield to push the protesters away.

    ​The public response on social media was mixed. Some stated the police was too brutal.

    The fascism of #MACRON will not go through! STOP #ViolencesPolicieres! 🤬 # Resistance! 🌵🤠😎

    ​With a colleague photographer we were again targeted in the face of the gas bomb in Montparnasse. Police do not want pictures when it fails.

    ​I have just read the demonstration of the railway workers today. These images showing the protesters countered by the police in Gare du Nord (after being violently banned from entering Montparnasse) are simply astonishing.

    If you think that the riot police hit a rail worker in the face just to get the trains rolling, you do not know the police well.

    Others were outraged with the protesters blocking the station and scaring people.

    ​I’m not badmouthing what I saw yesterday! To force into the Gare Montparnasse without permission, while travelers didn’t know anything, they all the trains! When some behave like animals must treat them the same!!!

    Stop going on strike and annoy the poor people who take the train to work! Do not complain that the police do their job. Frankly, those who support the railway men only take a train once every 10 years… 😡 # montparnasse #grevesncf

    Meanwhile, railway workers in France started a new three-day strike on May 7, following the meeting between union activists and French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. No deal had been reached. The high-ranking official suggested meeting again at the end of May, before the debatable bill comes to the Senate.

    The railway workers began striking on April 3 and intend to continue until June 28 twice a week, protesting the reform bill of the French state-run railway system (SNCF).

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    Their protests have caused great problems with transportation, as, during the strikes, most of the trains are canceled.


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