03:15 GMT19 January 2021
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    Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz was the victim of middle school shenanigans on Tuesday when he posed for a quick selfie with students at Shoal River Middle School.

    The photo, which Gaetz later posted on his Facebook page, shows dozens of middle schoolers dabbing, waving and even smiling in their big photo op with the 35-year-old US congressman during his lesson on civics.

    ​However, hiding in the bottom right corner on the photo is a student upping the photo game and giving the one finger hello. Not even offering a smirk, this too-cool-for-school kid wasn't playing games in this epic photobomb.

    Angela Marie, a Facebook user identifying herself as the mother of the student, commented on the image and stated that she would "be dealing with her at home." *Dun, Dun, Dun*

    "I absolutely have raised her better than this, and I promise this will NEVER happen again! I have been dealing with her wanting to 'fit in' and I promise you, I am livid," Marie wrote. "Political views aside, this is completely unacceptable. Mr. Gaetz, I apologize on behalf of my daughter. I am very sorry this occurred."

    Gaetz later responded to the upset mother by telling her that he, too, "also had an occasional lapse of judgement as a middle schooler."

    "Teaching moments like this are a good thing. I had a lovely time with the students," he added.

    Responding to another user suggesting that the students simply hated him, Gaetz offered a lighthearted remark, writing, "hated by middle schoolers… reminds me of middle school."

    Speaking to NWF Daily News on Wednesday, Gaetz laughed off the incident and said that "it's certain to occur again."

    The politician does not intend to take the image down.


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