03:48 GMT26 January 2021
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    The secretary of state of Georgia, currently running for the office of governor, has released a political ad that was supposed to familiarize the audience with his electoral program, but it seems it will be remembered for something quite different.

    Twitter has once again been set alight by a "state-of-the-art" political ad, promoting Georgia gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp. What was supposed to be an appeal to conservatives came across as odd considering recent tragic events in the US.

    In a video, Brian Kemp shows a teen, named Jake, who is then required to state the two main principles needed to date Kemp's daughter — namely "respect" and "a healthy appreciation for the 2nd Amendment." When Jake names both correctly, the candidate raises his double-barreled shotgun in his direction and says they are going "to get along just fine."

    Judging by Jake's face, he doesn't seem agree on 100%, but who would argue with a man holding a gun in a room full of weapons, including AR-15-style ones.

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    Twitterians were not so modest in expressing their opinions, with many slamming the candidate for disrespecting safety rules:


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