07:47 GMT28 January 2020
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    Upon examining a coin which he found on a construction site, Diego Aviles said that he had been flabbergasted; and he certainly had every reason to be.

    A video has emerged on YouTube showing what looks like a coin with the Reichsadler Nazi Party symbol and the words "Nueva Alemania" or "New Germany."

    YouTube users remained at odds over the video which was published with the caption: "A coin discovered from a parallel universe found in our timeline."

    One user claimed that "Germany will be the center of the upcoming WW3; the prophecy is that the Nazis from Antarctica will intervene at the height of the war and will liberate Germany and the rest of the world."

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    The coin's flip side reads: "Alies in einer nation" (all in one nation). Additionally, the number 2039 is inscribed.

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    The Daily Star cited Diego Aviles as saying that he found the coin while working on a construction site and that he was shocked after he examined the artifact.


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