20:30 GMT27 July 2021
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    Venkata Lakshmi, a 65-year-old grandmother from India, accidentally set off alarms at Australia's Brisbane Airport on Wednesday after her checked luggage, emblazoned with the word "bomb" on it, arrived at the baggage carousel.

    The bag, which caused authorities to cordon off the area, had a note stuck on the front that read "Bomb to Brisbane" with the word "Mumbai" squeezed below in smaller print.

    ​According to Devi Jothiraj, Lakshmi's daughter, her mother explained to officials with the Australian Federal Police that it was all just a "mix-up."

    "My mother told me they thought something was in there and people were panicking. They asked her to open the bag and asked her why it says bomb and she said 'It's for Bombay,'" Jothiraj told Australia 7 News. "She began writing Bombay before realising she had no space to fit it all in so she stopped at Bomb and wrote Bomb to Brisbane with Mumbai underneath."

    Though the city name changed to Mumbai in 1995, Jothiraj noted that many locals, including her mom, still refer it as Bombay at times.

    The traveling grams took the added measure of placing the note because it was her first time traveling alone and wanted to make sure her bag was sent to the right place.

    Despite the frenzy, Lakshmi was released a few hours later, having given us all another reason to love the elderly.


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